Thursday, August 31, 2006

My first niece

My sister-in-law had her second child yesterday. The baby is my first niece. I could not see them yesterday, so I went to the hospital this afternoon. But she was still in a newborn babies room, so I could not hold her. Though, I was satisfied to see her sleeping face and her mothers relieved look.
My wife who met her today after I went there told me that my son hit the baby saying "I hate you". Maybe, he was jealous of the baby because his aunt would not take care of him. Recently, he is very short temper, and hits me a lot. I wish he would be gentle and mild!!

* If there's any native english speaker who could read this diary, could you please correct my grammer? I will erase these sentences after the comment to correct my english.


At 9/02/2006 2:18 AM, Anonymous KIYO said...


You're "the Uncle Jojo", right?

Someday, she will call you so. Didn't you feel like having your daughter when you saw her?

A daughter is really cute!

At 9/02/2006 2:37 AM, Blogger JoJo said...

I wish I had a doughter!
I've already had a nephew, so he calls me as Jojo-ojichan, despite my son calls his mother 'oneichan'!
I am trying to have my son call his aunt 'obachan'.


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