Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Important guest

An important guest will come to our office from Australia to lecture his work in October. I have to ask him a question in English after his presentation, definitely in English. In addition, I should join a dinner with him at least once within his 4 days stay. I should speak English politely and have to know much about Japan and Australia to make our conversation friendly.

* If there's any native english speaker who could read this diary, could you please correct my grammer? I will erase these sentences after the comment to correct my english.


At 9/06/2006 12:08 AM, Anonymous KIYO said...

You should definitely tell him your blog address.

You're lucky(?) to have an opportunity to use English on business.

At 9/06/2006 12:37 AM, Blogger JoJo said...

I think it is luckey. If I didn't study English, I had not been invited for the dinner.


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